Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Scan Magic do?

A: Scan Magic scans photographic media of various formats and sizes to modern formats such as downloadable computer file and memory stick.
Q. How do you make the scans?

A. The media is scanned into a computer by professional film scanners with 'digital ice' dust removal.
Q. Do you clean the media before scanning?

A: The media is dry cleaned with air blast technology but not wet cleaned, this is usually unnecessary but can be done at extra cost. If this is advised we will contact you.
Q. How long does a typical transfer take?

A: That depends upon the size of the job. A normal transfer will be completed within 15 working days. If you need it sooner, i.e. for a present, then we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Q. Do you do photo restoration?

A: Yes we do, but at an additional cost. If you need this we will have to see the media to determine the cost. If we recommend this we will contact you with a price.
Q. What format are the scans in?
A: All personal scans are jpeg. Professional scans are tiff.
Q. Do you offer gift vouchers?

A: Yes we do offer gift vouchers. For more details please contact us on (01473) 327574, or go to the 'Contact Us' section of this website.
Q. Will my original media be returned?

A: Yes it will if you require this. Postage if required is will be an extra charge.
Q. Do you store our conversion when completed.

A: Yes we do in most cases. They are encrypted in our digital video vault and available if you loose or damage your copy. There is no length of storage, as we reserve the right to delete them as necessary. It should be for several years. If you as for them to be deleted, we will do this for you.
Q. Can you supply prints.

A: Yes we can.
Q. Can you supply images as a slide shop video file or DVd.

A: Yes we can.
Q. If my conversion is supplied as a download, can family and friends view them too?

A: Yes if you want them to. We send you an email with a link to view and download the films, just forward the link to them.
Q. What is the difference between you supplying an image as a download and your cloud hosting?

A: A download link is just that. It is intended as a way to transfer your files to you, similar to dropbox. It will be live for only 2 weeks and can be sent to family and friends. Cloud hosting is a subscripion based service with a minimum of 12 months. It is like having an archive online with all images available to view and download. Q. Is there any images that we can not send in?
A: We will not copy or return any material which is obscene or extreme pornography as detailed in Part 5 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.